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Company Values

The Ehrmann AG corporate values are part of everything we do every day and serve as procedural and ethical guidelines for our operative activities and business dealings.

“We are entrepreneurs within the company.”

“We deal with each other openly and with fairness.”

“Our development is continuous.”

Self understanding

Much has changed since company founder, Alois Ehrmann (Senior), became self-employed in 1920.

From a one-man company, the company is now a member of one of the top German Milk Processors which employs more than 2,400 employees worldwide at eight production sites. One thing, however, has always remained the same – the diligence and attention with which we have, for generations, cultivated and developed our products.

"From our family, for your family" – this is how we see ourselves.
As a family dairy and as a brand which is committed to families – this is our strategic direction which brings our broad product and flavour portfolio to life. The consumer is at the centre of all our considerations and activities. Our quality awareness not only characterises the products, but all our thoughts and actions.

As a family dairy we will continue to dynamically expand in the market in the future and with its usual reliability. Satisfied employees, trading partners and consumers are a given and are the pillars of successful corporate policy.

Code of Conduct

The code of conduct reflects the basic ethical values and standards for exemplary corporate conduct on the part of every employee in the Ehrmann Group. It describes the way and manner in which we implement the business goals defined in our 2022 Ehrmann Vision,  as well as our corporate values. How business goals are implemented is just as important as meeting targets and the results themselves.

To view the code of conduct, please click here.