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Ehrmann SE is one of the largest milk processing companies in Germany. Yet Ehrmann is and remains an independent and diversified family-owned company and stands for real values and tradition in all the production and business sectors. In addition to the sites in Germany, our company has production facilities in Russia and in Brazil, as well as sales offices in Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland, Finland and China. The Ehrmann SE Group also includes the companies J.M. Gabler Saliter and the Fleischwerke Zimmermann meat processing plant. Ehrmann brand products are sold in over 70 countries around the world. Ehrmann SE and its more than 2,400 employees generated a turnover of 810 million € in 2019.

Executive Board

Christian Ehrmann

Chairman of the Executive Board
Ehrmann SE

Johannes Schmid

Head of Administration/Finance
Ehrmann SE

Markus Fehr

Head of Production/Technology
Ehrmann SE

Jürgen Taubert

Head of Sales/Marketing
Ehrmann SE

The Ehrmann Group

  • In addition to dairy operations, the head office of Ehrmann SE is also based at the production site in Oberschönegg in the Allgäu region. Almighurt, the first fruit yogurt with cold-stirred fruit, has been produced and marketed successfully from Oberschönegg since 1964.

    Ehrmann is not just known for their yogurt products. Quark and dessert specialties as well as drink products are also part of the Ehrmann assortment in Oberschönegg.

    • Ehrmann purchased the Fleischwerke Edmund Zimmermann meat processing plant in Thannhausen (Bavaria) in 1989. Founded in 1894, the company still holds the title “Königlich-bayerischer Hoflieferant“ (Purveyor to the Royal Court of Bavaria) and is one of the best-known medium-sized businesses in the meat and sausage industry in Germany. In 1995, another innovative business was acquired and incorporated into Fleischwerke Zimmermann to provide a second mainstay in the form of fresh pasta products (Swabian pockets, tortellini, ravioli, etc.). 

      Since 1997 Zimmermann has produced fresh pasta products and some sausage and convenience products in organic quality.

    • In 1992, Ehrmann and the cheese maker Champignon Hofmeister GmbH & Co. KG jointly purchased the Hainichen-Freiberg dairy in Saxony. Following two years of construction on a new dairy building, one of Germany’s most advanced production facilities for yogurt and dessert specialties opened in September 1994.

      The Hainichen-Freiberg dairy is one of the largest employers in the Freiberg region.

    • Exports of heat-treated (long-life) yogurt to the former CIS and particularly Russia began with completion of the Hainichen-Freiberg production facility in Saxony in 1994. It was then decided in the fall of 1997 to build a production facility at a Russian location. Production at the OOO Ehrmann branch operation commenced in March 2000. The product range consists of fresh as well as long-life fruit yogurts as well as smetana and kefir with various fat contents.

    • In 1998, Ehrmann acquired a majority stake in the long-established company J.M. Gabler Saliter. Since 1713 – and thus for almost 300 years – the name Saliter has stood for excellent dairy products from the Allgäu region. In 1904, Johann Michael Gabler developed the process to produce dry milk (milk powder). This was a milestone in Saliter’s history and the beginning of a successful product line. Constant development based on existing achievements is still the company motto. Both the production facilities as well as the development laboratories are of the highest standard due to constant investments in replacements and new technology and products. Saliter is recognized as a producer of high-quality coffee cream and condensed milk as well as mixed milk drinks. The company also has an excellent reputation as a sought-after partner to well-known producers of special liquid products, such as baby and clinical foods, and as a producer of a variety of high-quality dry milk products.

    • Ehrmann SE has concluded a joint venture with Trevo Lacteos S.A., based in Sete Lagoas, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The company is among the largest dairies in its main market of Minas Gerais with strong positions in the yogurt and milk drinks categories.