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The highest quality, naturalness and tradition. That is what Ehrmann stands for – and that‘s also what the Ehrmann family name stands for. With the finest ingredients, such as selected fruits and milk from the Bavarian Alps, our products live up to this claim during every phase of production. Thanks to gentle and efficient processing due to state-of-the-art technology, we are able to constantly improve quality and taste. The result is not only healthy, but quite simply, incredibly delicious! 

Since 2013 all Ehrmann sites in Germany have been certified in accordance with DIN ISO EN 50001. This means that an energy management system has been introduced and is being lived. The Executive Board has established in the company policy that environmentally friendly and energy efficient technologies, which reduce the harmful effects on the environment, are to be used and that energy consumption is to be optimised and waste is to be reduced.

Promise of Quality

Ehrmann products are made with the utmost care and under constant quality control. Comprehensive inspections during every step of the production process guarantee that all Ehrmann products always reach the customer in the same high quality. The uncompromising implementation of our quality targets is the responsibility of all the employees. We focus on the needs and wishes of our customers and consumers and are commited to constantly improving the quality of our products and services. We are aware that top quality is always the result of a joint effort. Good working conditions and an environment of helpful and considerate cooperation contributes decisively to the success of our company. And it gives the consumers the great feeling that you can enjoy every spoonful of every Ehrmann product in good conscience!


The basic recipe: only the best raw materials, state-of-the art-processing and constant quality controls. The result: top quality delicious products.

The milk for our dairy products comes from small farms with an average of 50 cows. Most of our dairy cows graze on the natural pastures of the Allgäu region (Bavaria). More than 90% of our farmers also have their stocks checked voluntarily by state laboratories prior to delivery to Ehrmann.

Once the milk has been delivered and tested, it is gently pasteurised and passes through our state-of-the-art production facilities on its way to becoming the final product. These facilities constantly undergo proactive maintenance work. On average, our production facilities are completely modernised every three to four years.

Of course we completely and thoroughly monitor the raw milk using physical, chemical, microbiological and sensory parameters, as well as a comprehensive inspection of all the other ingredients. For these laboratory certificates and further analysis reports are an absolute requirement. On a daily basis, Ehrmann conducts around 2,300 of such analyses.

Quality Awards

Highest quality and the best possible ingredients are the basis for every Ehrmann product. The reward for this are not only satisfied customers, but also are we regularly awarded with awards, of which we are very proud. Just to name a few:

  • "GOOD FOOD AWARDS 2019" (Women´s Health and Men´s Health) for our High Protein Pudding
  • The readers of the trade magazine “Milch Marketing” elected our product High Protein Pudding the best dessert in the „Product of the Year 2018/2019“ award. Same award for Almighurt Müsli (2018/2019 in the category yoghurt) and Obstgarten Creme Quark (2nd best 2018/2019 in the category curd/skyr)
  • Every year we receive awards from DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft/ German Agricultural Society) for many of our products, in 2018 for instance for Grand Dessert Chocolate or Almighurt raspberry and Cherry.