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As a traditional, medium-sized family company from the Allgäu region in Germany, Ehrmann is aware of its social and ecological responsibility as a company in its home region and beyond. The harmonisation of business, environment and society for the benefit of future generations is therefore an important issue for Ehrmann. Ehrmann wants to make a contribution with a plethora of economic and ecological measures, as well as the ANTON & PETRA EHRMANN Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting promote cultural and charitable projects that correspond to the ideas and basic values of Ehrmann's social responsibility.

Economic Sustainability

As a family-owned and medium-sized company, sustainable business and securing the company‘s success also in the future has been a matter of course for us for generations. As an example, the long-term preservation and expansion of created values can be seen, in the owners' policy to largely plough back profits for necessary investments.

Ehrmann will further expand its site in Oberschönegg in order to stay an important employer in the home region, as well as a reliable and fair partner for its dairy farmers and suppliers. Furthermore, Ehrmann‘s sustainable economic success is founded on forming subsidiary companies and enering new marketings in line with the motto: "growth and diversification with a sense of proportion".

Ecological Sustainability

delicious products with them. These two components, the strong link to nature and our home region, play an important role in Ehrmann‘s history and success. We cherish them with a variety of projects and commitments.

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Anton & Petra Ehrmann Foundation

"Giving is a part of what makes life a happy life!" Anton Ehrmann’s principle describes his motivation for establishing the ANTON & PETRA EHRMANN Foundation in 2006, which is dedicated to promoting the future viability of our society. It aims to promote cultural and charitable projects that correspond to the ideas and basic values of social responsibility.

Anton Ehrmann wants to pass on so much of what he experienced to future generations and assume social responsibility. Realising innovative ideas and scientific research, maintaining and improving the quality of life and supporting cultural projects are the main objectives.